Your data is safe and you don`t have to worry about losing any important information in your sales process. 

Make sure that all your data is safely stored in one place

 You have a better overview of your projects because your information are organized and ready to use. 

Create and distribute quotes in a systematic manner

 Do you often forget what you have to do? Reminders from Zimplu will take care of that problem. 

Act and collaborate efficiently when a problem comes up



Sky Rocket Sales Team`s Efficiency

Your sales agents can better manage accounts, leads, planning, forecasting and sales analysis with the CRM application. Once the CRM solution is implemented the sales pipeline will flow smoother, and your team will spend more time selling.

CRM system sales

Teamwork - CRM Software

CRM Software for Informed Business Decisions

Having a detailed knowledge of your business performance and a deep understanding of your customers are critical. Reports and graphical charts are easy to run from our CRM Software, and they provide insight into business and employee performance.



Enhance Customer Care

You can quickly harness the power of Zimplu CRM`s customer service functions. The software provides customer-facing staff tools to deliver consistent and efficient service, enhancing customer loyalty and profitability.

Customer Support CRM

Fast implementation CRM

Fast Implementation and Long-term Profitability

This CRM system needs less administration than similar solutions. It enables you to respond faster to customer service issues, to anticipate and to deliver consistent customer care that contributes to long-term business profitability. 



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