Zoom In on Customers

We Provide the Uncomplicated CRM Solution



Keep Information Organized

Keep control of all business sensitive data in one single place with an easy to understand flow.

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Never Forget to Follow-Up

Your operations are based on actions.
The CRM software will remind you what to do and when.

Your Data is Secured

Your data is safe, secured, password-protected and backed-up daily.

Rocket Sales Team's Efficiency

Your sales agents can better manage accounts, leads, planning, forecasting and sales analysis with the CRM application. Once our solution is implemented the sales pipeline will flow smoother and your team will spend more time actually selling.

Rocket Sales Teams Efficiency

22 Make Informed Business Decisions 350


Make Informed Business Decisions

Having a detailed knowledge of your business performance and a deep understanding of your customers is critical for senior management. Reports and graphical charts are easy to run and they provide at-a-glance insight into business and employee performance.



Enhance Customer Service

You can quickly harness the power of Zimplu CRM's customer service functions. The software provides customer-facing staff tools to deliver consistent and efficient service, enhancing customer loyalty and profitability.

15 Enhance Customer Service 350

21 Ensure Long-term Profitability 350


Ensure Long-term Profitability

This CRM system needs less administration than similar solutions. It enables you to respond faster to customer service issues, to anticipate and to deliver consistent customer care that contributes to long-term business profitability.


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