Know How Business Relationships Are Developing

Before and After the Sale.


2 - Write Your History with Each of Your Contacts


Write Notes

The sales representatives can write notes. Notes are brief descriptions of the conversations and activities involving a company or person. Then, all the records will be displayed in chronological order in Zimplu, on the contact's dedicated page.

Remember Every Word!

If you lose a phone number or address, you can get it back. But that’s hardly possible for the conversations you had, so you must keep them safe. All the messages exchanged with clients can be saved in Zimplu CRM. Therefore, if a sales agent leaves the company, you will still have all the essential data to take the discussions further.

Add Files

Also, you can always keep track of all the documents exchanged with the client, because every written note can have files attached. Contracts, commercial offers, invoices, and any other attachments are stored, and may be accessed and visualized anytime.

Start Improving Your Business Partnerships Right Now!

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