Always Take Advantage of Business Opportunities

Working Organized Keeps Opportunities in Sight.


4 - Create Opportunity


Seize the Opportunity!

Every time a possibility to sign a new contract or to make a sale arises, sales representatives can create an opportunity in Zimplu CRM. The opportunity will receive a title, a description, and a rough value. Then, the person who created it can write notes, program activities and set alarms, to make sure about following the right track. Finally, opportunities can be won or lost. But it’s sure they weren’t lost because someone forgot to make a phone call.

Generate Quote!

The prices for the company’s products, equipment or services can be uploaded in Zimplu CRM and used when creating opportunities. Sales agents no longer need to spend their time writing quotes, because each opportunity can automatically generate one. With a click, the quote is exported as a PDF document, and it's ready to be sent to the client via email. By default, the quote will include a header, a footer or the company's logo.



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