Is Your Busines Reaching Its Full Potential?

Use Complex Reports to Measure Progress.


5 - Measure Performance


Measure Activity

The New Companies and New Contacts reports show you how many new companies and contacts were discovered and introduced in the database by your sale agents in a period of time. In the User Activity report you can see how many meetings were held, how many phone calls were made or how many emails were sent by each of your users.

Measure Performance

Set a sales target for every member of your team: how many opportunities must be won or what value must be topped monthly. Then, you can see if people met company’s demands in the Sales Goal report. The Sales Made report shows how much agents sold in a span of time. Furthermore, the Sales Pipeline report shows how many opportunities were won or lost, and what was their full value.

Measure Support Quality

If you manage a company that provides service or sells equipment, you will probably find the Support Tickets report very helpful. It will show which of your clients encountered problems,  how long it took until they were solved, and who was the responsible person to deal with those problems.

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